Healing has its Ups and Downs

I’m not going to lie, this last week has been the hardest week since all of this health stuff has started. This week I started the healing program my doctor put together to heal my leaky gut and whatever “invaders” are inside me, and this week was just tweaking my diet some. Since I had already dramatically reduced what I was eating the two months prior there wasn’t much to do in the diet area, however my body reacted tremendously to it. Issues came up…the broth I switched to made me nauseous and the fats I was adding to it was something my stomach could not handle at all. In addition to that my crockpot broke and ruined two batches of broth.  And this was the week I started my nursing job and had orientation every day of the week SO I can honestly say this week was the longest week of the whole summer.

Throughout it all I can say that it made me draw even closer to the Lord. Nobody else could have given me the strength I needed for this week, not even myself. How I got through orientation and actually took away stuff and feel prepared for my first day on the floor, I don’t even know. On the nights I only got 4 hours of sleep or was suffering from die off symptoms (you feel like you have the flu from bacteria dying off inside) He helped me through. On the days I felt like I was going to get sick He came for me and gave me steadiness. In the moments I wished I was healed He patiently and lovingly reminded me it’s all on His timing. I’m not superwoman, I’m only human, and yet with Him by my side I have no doubt that He will help me through whatever comes my way.  I know He will not give me anything I cannot handle, and with Him I am a warrior and can handle all. I got my work schedule for the first three weeks, and I was scheduled all night shifts for the first three weeks. I have never in my life worked a night shift, but I know He will not only keep me wide awake, but He will let me be the best nurse I can be. He comes through in ALL times, providing ALL we need and what others need from us in those moments.

Thank you God for getting me through this week. It has humbled me as I read stories of Moses, Elijah, and Jesus who fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. You provided for them all they needed in those times, and you will do the same for me. Thank you for being faithful, guiding, comforting, and reminding me over and over that I can rely on your timing and your plan. Forever thankful to be yours.

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