Check Mate

Life is like a game of chess.  Your focus is on the King; your goal is to get him to his destination.  The other pieces don’t matter as much.  They are expendable, they are limited in their movements, and they aren’t the ones that keep us alive in the game.  In this game called life our goal is to glorify our God.  Our focus should be on Him and what we need to do to serve His purpose with the short time we are here on earth.  The pieces are all the other things that we find so important in this life- our family, friends, school, career-anything.  And they are important, so very important.  But what happens when we take our focus off the King?  Our pieces get lost, captured, and not in their rightful place on the board anymore.  And where does that lead us?  Where we don’t want to be.

When we take our focus off God and onto the other aspects of our life, when we try to control them in our own power, that’s when we start to become lost.  Whether it’s thinking we can handle something all on our own when God just wants you to lean on Him.   Or if it’s that we start to idolize a certain activity or person instead of finding our strength and purpose in Him.  No matter what it is, it can be so easy to get sidetracked and then look up and wonder how you got there.  You start to feel like the opposing team in the game, unaware-or maybe you are aware-of going against the King instead of fighting with him.  But know this, that it’s not over.  That we can all go astray sometimes, that we can all choose a path that leads a different way.  And that even if you treated your pawn or your knight like it was the King, He still loves you.  All He wants is for you to come back, to keep helping Him get to the other side and reach His destination.  And for all the pieces in  your life to be working together for Him.  “And he arose and came to his father.  But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and felt compassion, and ran and embraced him and kissed him.”  Luke 15:20  He loves you no matter what you’ve done.

If you just focus on the King, if you strategize all your moves to be for Him, then you can’t fail.  Your life will be in your saviors hands.  And when life comes against you, you can strongly say “Check Mate.”

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