Move Along

Mistakes are bound to happen.  We are going to have moments that aren’t our best, moments that we wish we could undo and erase from our memories.  I used to have such a hard time with getting past my not so great moments.  I would allow myself to be filled with shame and hate for myself for letting it happen.  I would not forgive myself very easily.  But where did that lead me?  Either to a place where I was letting myself drown in my guilt or to a place of even more mistakes just because I had already messed it all up.  That way of thinking is SO destructive and it took me a long time to truly realize it.

I’ve said this before but we are all human.  We are not perfect no matter how much we want to be some days (or all days for us perfectionists 😉 ).  So where does it leave us when we just feel so weighed down with the guilt and the shame?  What do we do when we just can’t seem to forgive ourselves for the people we hurt or the hurt we caused ourselves?  The best advice I can give is Just Let It Go.  Accept what happened, don’t forget it, but accept it.  In case nobody has told you or you just forgot, it’s okay that you “messed up”.  It’s okay that you have regrets.  And it’s okay that you had a moment or moments that didn’t show you the way you want to be.  The great part is that there is a thing called tomorrow.  And you can choose how you want to live out that day.  You can either make yourself feel terrible for what happened or you can move on and learn from it.  You can either convince yourself there is no coming back from it, or you can believe that it will work out for the good.

Remember that you are still loved, you are still cherished, you are still amazing and capable of so much.  Even if your mistake is years long, it’s still possible to be redeemed.  Every day is a new day and even if it takes time to forgive yourself, progress is progress and baby steps is all it takes.  And also remember that not only are you loved by those around you but know that you are still loved by God, you are still perfect in the Father’s eyes, and you are fully forgiven.  There is nothing you can do in this world that can take that away from you.  The weight of the guilt and shame that is in you has already been paid for on the cross, and you are free from needing to feel that.  Take that in…the victory is already won, you can let go, you can move on †

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