Stopping the Binge

You eat a slice of cake.  It’s amazing, more than amazing…you grab another one (seconds never hurt anyone right?)…now you have a stomach ache and have to unbutton your pants to be able to breathe.  We have all done this, many many times.  But this is not what I mean by binge eating.  Binge eating is a whole nother world.  It’s an uncontrolled eating, eating when you truly want to but can’t stop.  It’s regret, guilt, anger, depression.  And not only is it a mental hurt, but it also comes with later consequences of physical hurt–gaining weight.

You can get locked in the binge eating cycle of eating a ton and then trying to make up for it the next day by not eating as much or working it off at the gym.  But then your body is starved again from the nutrients it needs so then you end up binging again.  Or maybe this will sound more familiar.  You start a new “diet” (by the way I hate that word), so you eat “clean” (another word I hate) for a week.  You are so proud of yourself for going that long without eating chocolate or a big juicy burger, so you reward yourself with eating just that.  Yay! You finally gave your body something it craves…but then what happens? It turns into a gorging fest.  You eat not only one burger and fries..but your whole pantry.  Why?? You ask yourself why you can’t just enjoy the meal and then stop.  Well let me guess, you told yourself that whole week that you CANT have that burger.  I think we need to come to terms with the fact that we are stubborn human beings and we want what we want.  So your body doesn’t like you very much when you starve it of all the yummy foods.  If you cut off your body from all of it’s signals to you, if you don’t give it what it’s asking for daily, then it will start realizing that.  So, whenever you do end up eating what it’s been asking for, it says to itself “hurry eat all the food before they cut it off again and won’t let us have it!”  And therefore will lead to binging.

If your body tells you it wants chocolate..please eat some chocolate.  And no this is not permission to eat a whole pan of brownies (guilty…).  But maybe you just need a few bites and then will be satisfied.  If you allow yourself to do this every time you crave it, which I promise you won’t be as often as some of you are thinking, your body will trust you.  And then when the opportunity presents itself, at lets say a social event, maybe you won’t even want to have dessert because you allow your body to have it when it wants it.  I know for me doing this helped.  I now am able to have cookies, pop tarts, chocolate bars in my pantry for when I want them without feeling like I’m going to eat the whole thing like I have before.  I know for some of you the thought of giving it WHATEVER food it wants when it wants is scary.  But like I said, your body will adjust over time, your body will start to trust you and you will be able to enjoy all the foods you enjoy in moderation instead of avoiding them or binging on them.  This might not be easy at first, especially if you are currently in the binging might end up eating a lot of the food the first few times, but give yourself time to get used to this new pattern.  Don’t get discouraged, it’s a process.

Last tip for this blog is to also make sure you are eating enough in the first place.  My mistake was undereating.  I was unknowingly starving myself of the calories it needed which led to binge eating.  Everyone has a different reason for their binging but if you aren’t eating enough in the first place, your body binges because it’s not getting enough calories and then you have the same result of  “hurry up and eat the food before she cuts if off again.”  So guys do your body a favor and stop skipping meals, stop skimping on the carbs when you haven’t had much anyways that day, and let yourself have treats when it wants.  Your body will thank you in the end 🙂

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