Why Workout?

If I could count for you the amount of times i have been asked “do you workout every day?” I don’t have enough fingers and toes for it.   I do not workout every day and I don’t believe anyone should workout every day.  This life needs balance, it needs moderation and being in tune with your body which means rest days and cupcakes 😉  However I do love being active and I make sure to make the time throughout the week to get in my workouts because it honestly makes me feel better- less stressed, less cranky, more confident, and all around happier in every other area of my life.  I love not feeling sluggish and not needing coffee to keep me going throughout the day.  I love feeling stronger than I used to be and truly get excited to go to the gym and push myself to limits I haven’t had before.  For some strange reason I love sweating and lifting heavy things, i just do.  BUT that doesn’t mean that that is the only option for your workouts.  There are so many other options out there if the gym doesn’t suit you.  All that matters is that you are being active and enjoying it.  I have yet to meet anyone that doesn’t want to be healthy or in shape, it’s just some of them don’t know where to start, or they just don’t have the motivation.  But honestly the motivation comes once you find something you enjoy!  Sometimes it takes a little bit to fully enjoy it, especially if you are new to it (i remember trying to figure out how to use the weights at the gym and feeling so lost).  But once you get past that, and once you get that new thing into your routine, it becomes more than just something you have to get done.  Whether being healthy and working out means running, yoga, soccer, hiking, whatever, it’s all the same in the end.  Try out different things, find a group of people who like it too and just get involved!  My friend told me the other week that she just joined a hiking group.  She had no idea who was in it, she didn’t care.  She joined it and has loved hiking with them ever since!  Truly inspiring.  Me personally, I also love dancing and am currently trying to find other hiphop dancers to choreograph with or just to free style with (so if anyone knows anyone let me know 😉 )

It’s just so easy to get caught up in the lazy and busy lifestyle of Americans (somehow we tend to accomplish both at once).  We get caught up in work or we get molded to the couch with Netflix.  It’s so so easy to just get stuck in the same routine, but if you are starting to feel run down from life or just plain lazy…i promise you that the endorphins that get released when you exercise will be a thousand times better than any caffeine or sugar.  It might take a little bit to get excited to go to the gym or to get a group together to play soccer, but as I’m sure you have heard before, who has every regretted exercising and being active??  Make the time in your schedule for your mind, body, and self.  I’m sure you will thank yourself in the long run 🙂

Just a couple pictures of me doing what I love, and pretending to be spiderman.

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